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B Secure+ is a premium customer level that gives you access to exclusive Bondora benefits, such as:

More freedom

With B Secure+, you can choose your own monthly payment amount. You only need to pay your minimum monthly interest payments and management fee—everything more than that is your decision. Pay more if you want to save on the total interest payments, or pay the minimum amount and stress less.

More security

You can postpone your principal payment and reduce your monthly payments whenever you need to. Whether times are a bit tough, or you have other financial responsibilities, by postponing your principal payment, you get more security and peace of mind.

Automated repayments

You can also repay your loan quickly with automated repayments. Add extra money to your Bondora account whenever you want. Then, on the payment date, we’ll automatically use the money that is more than your monthly payment as an early repayment.

Priority support

As a B Secure+ level customer, you will receive priority support. If you have any questions about the Bondora or the premium level benefits, you can reach out to us via the online form on our support site. Our support team will help you as soon as they can.

Convenient automatic notifications

As a B Secure+ level customer, you will get convenient notifications about our latest updates and new services. You will also be the first to know about new partner offers, available exclusively to our premium-level customers.

B Secure+

For just €24.99 per month, you can access all the exclusive B Secure+ benefits, as well as B Secure features. It’s never been this easy to become a premium-level Bondora customer.

Get more freedom and more security than ever before.

Learn more about B Secure+ and its premium features on our support site.

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*Loan amount from €100 to €10000. Repayment period from 3 to 60 months. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 17.16% to 30.57%.